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Wrist and Hand Protection in One!

This unique but very functional product which combines two of your favourite JAW Accessories - the Pullup Grip and the Wrist Wrap!

The JAW Grap is a 100% Cotton Wrist Wrap combined with your choice of either the JAW Grip, Glove or Leather separate.  A pretty cool innovation we think..  Lightweight, soft, functional, yet supportive for all those weight bearing wrist movements.

Another cool fact, is the Grap can be worn WITH or WITHOUT the Grip section - don't need the grips? simple, just take them off....  They are also REPLACEABLE...  Yes thats right, completely replaceable.  When your grips have worn out, just order a replacement separate of your choice and you're good to go.

Another JAW Premium product hand made in Australia.

NOTE:  Also sold separately


  • Cotton fabric  
  • Minimalistic feel yet supportive
  • Versatile and durable
  • Grip attachment removeable
  • 3 attachment options Pullup, Glove or Leather
  • Australian Made and cruelty free


The JAW Grap was designed for one of JAW's Hall of Fame Ambassadors - Josh Bromley from CrossFit The Stables.  
Josh loved his wraps and also his grips but couldn't wear the two together, so he asked if we could make him a product that did both...  
Thanks Josh ;)


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Love them!

What a great idea! Used them for the first time today and they were great. Grips are fantastic so comfy, no rubbing or pulling and the straps did their job perfectly, they stayed nice and tight. Love them!