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Design your own Gloves..

Now you can have a CUSTOM pair of JAW Gloves made to order!  How JAWSome is that?  No more losing your gloves or mixing up who's is who's...

OR if you are an Affiliate Owner, have your gloves custom made to suit your Box Colours!!!  

A little history about the Glove ~

Double The Hand Protection for Active hands

JAW Gloves offer hand protection for active hands and include double the protection and coverage!  Your entire palm is protected so blisters and rips under your index and pinkie fingers will no longer be an issue. Far more practical than traditional, thick, overbearing gloves and we ask, does the back of your hand really need protection?  JAW Gloves offer breathability and comfort by only focusing on your palms whilst saving yourself from the sweaty, uncomfortable and boring, regular gloves.

JAW Gloves are quickly becoming our most popular hand protection for functional fitness, training and anything that gets your hands active.  The success of JAW Gloves is not solely attributed to their usefulness with pull-ups, since they also work phenomenally well with muscle ups, toes-to-bars, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells, and any general barbell or rig work.  Regardless of what you do, if your hands get sore, blistered or torn, JAW Gloves are the solution!  Get more out of any workout knowing your hands are protected with JAW!  .

For our sizing guide, check out our how to size image within this product listing.  As a guide, Children are small, Ladies are Medium and Men are a Large size.




  • Note:  When sized and worn correctly, JAW Gloves should feel very firm like a sock!

  •  Note:  Don’t be shy with chalk as JAW Gloves and Chalk = Happy Active hands!

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