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JAW Finger & Thumb Grips TM

Finger & Thumb Protection for Active hands

Do you get sore fingers or thumbs?  JAW Finger Grips compliment our range of hand protection with protection of your Fingers & Thumb too.  

JAW Finger Grips are designed to fit snugly on your fingers, offering maximum protection and comfort while you work out.  JAW Finger Grips eliminate friction with their incredibly soft, durable, hand-stitched fabric. Even if you already have rips or blisters from hook grips, your fingers will remain completely protected. Or maybe you need to protect your fingers and thumb whilst Kayaking, Fishing, Paddling or other fitness fun?

Many people tape their fingers and thumbs however tape is prone to rip easily, as it is not a sturdy material, and it requires constant replacements.  Also tape really hurts when you have to remove it!  Leather is another option however this is often too thick, which causes discomfort whilst having limited flexibility. JAW Finger Grips, on the other hand, offer the perfect balance between comfort, protection, and effectiveness. Additionally, JAW Finger Grips have proven time and again to provide the best longevity of all competitors and knock-off brands, often lasting up to a year longer.

The success of JAW Finger Grips is proven and now it’s time you get JAWsome!

For Sizing, we suggest you measure the circumference of the finger you want to cover and select from the available sizes.



Note: There are no colour options for this product. Each size is represented by a specific colour.  

Note: you will get two grips with each JAW Finger Grip order – one each hand.

Note: Don’t forget your JAW Finger Grips are a great addition to any JAW Hand Protection – the range offers choice for Finger, Hand and Wrist protection for active hands!

Oh and you can wear JAW Finger sleeves on all 8 Fingers, 2 Thumbs and you will look JAWsome!

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Would be lost without them

I should have had shares in a tape company I used to go through tape so much.. Since I have had my thumb grips, I haven't bought one roll of tape. I love them, they are fantastic especially for snatching ;)

great for saving thumbs

These babies are great for saving for thumb when using a hook grip. They hold chalk well and are easy to get on and off without being loose.