2014 All Wrapped Up - Here Comes 2015!!!!

2014 All Wrapped Up - Here Comes 2015!!!!

Published by Kym Rayfield on 30th Dec 2014

So......  where do I start!?!

2014 was a year of so many flips and turns in the world of JAW.  Moving from a small scale business to the lower tiers of Medium Class doesn't come without its learning curves!

JAW has survived 3 short years within the world of Retail and Manufacturing Sporting Accessories and Apparel.  This alone is a major achievement and one which we are extremely proud.  

A snapshot of 2014: 

  • The Opening of our JAW Warehouse Coolum Beach    
  • JAW @ The Wheel and Mobile Showroom  
  • JAW @ Regionals 


  • JAW Ambassadors @ Regionals       

  • Amanda Wins the Games.... AGAIN!  

  • JAW's first Concept Store @ Crossfit SPEED Northlakes  

  • JAW Wins "Highly Commended Award" @ Sunshine Coast Business Awards 

WOW what a year.....

2015 is shaping up to be an even bigger year with plenty on the agenda already.  We have been working very hard with our design concepts and focusing on our major point of difference - Australian Made where possible.

We have a number of exciting new products that are due to launch in the coming months which have been long overdue. Our Childrens and Baby's clothing range being one!

We are also excited to extend our appreciation for the JAW Ambassadors who are continuing to support our brand along with some new faces who are joining the team...  Stay tuned for the complete Ambassador List.

To all who have supported us throughout the year a huge thank you..  Without your continued support, our brand would not be as successful as it is today!

So, Thank You and See Ya Later 2014 - Hellllooooo 2015....

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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