2015 Crossfit Open Wrap-up

Published by Amy Bailey on 23rd Apr 2015

Many inner beasts were released during the Crossfit Open this year. In fact this is why we have taken so long to bring a wrap up to you all. We are still trying to round up the last of the prowling lions let loose around the box.

Once again the Open Wods proved formidable. From heavy deadlifts and toes-to-bar, muscle ups and wall ball, throw in some overhead squats for good measure (and I am sure everyone remembers climbing the handstand push up ladder) the open challenged all competitors skills set and fitness.

But as Crossfitters know, this rarely keeps us away. More than 200,000 people competed in the open this year, both online and at Crossfit affiliates around the world. Among them were our very own JAW Athletes – here is how they went:

Amanda Allen (Twice Crossfit Games (40-44) Masters Champion) placed 5th worldwide in her age category and is moving on to the CF Masters Qualifier, in the hopes to compete once again at the Crossfit Games. Amanda also placed 14th overall in the Australian region as an individual athlete and will also compete in the CF Australian Regionals in Wollongong at the end of May. Good luck to Amanda on her upcoming Qualifier!

Samantha Drescher (Sammy) placed 21st in the Australian region with her highest rank at 3rd place for 15.1 (B). In this workout she landed a 233lbs Clean and Jerk, which was certainly amazing to see. Sammy will also be heading down to compete in the CF Australian Regionals in May.

Zeke Grove placed 6th in the Australian region as an individual athlete and is another JAW Athlete to be competing in the CF Australian regionals in May. Though for Zeke this will be his second time competing at the regionals. During the open Zeke’s highest ranks were 3rd place for 15.4 and 4th place for 15.1, which were amazing efforts.

This year Francine Pehi (Franny) placed 22nd worldwide in her age category (45-49) and will be competing at the CF Masters Qualifier on 23-27th April. If she qualifies, Franny will head over to the Crossfit Games to compete in her age category. During the open Fran’s highest rank was 9th place for 15.5 with a time of 8:58. We are wishing her all the best on her upcoming qualifier!

Tamarind Robinson (Tammi) moved to Abu Dhabi at the beginning of 2015 to take on a coaching opportunity. For the Open this year she competed in the African region, with an overall 2nd place as an individual athlete. Tammi took out 1st place for 15.5 with an amazing time of 6:51. This year Tammi will be heading over to compete with her team at the CF European regionals in Copenhagen.

Hailing from England, the newest JAW Athlete Gina Yates placed 26th in the European region and has also qualified for the CF European regionals which will take place at the end of May.

Sadly, a big name missing in the Open this year was JAW Athlete Ruth Anderson Horrell who was sidelined due to a thumb injury which required surgery. Unwilling to miss out on all the fun, Ruth still completed a scaled version of the Open workouts and was finally able to complete workout 15.5 Rxd with a time of 7:06.

We are so proud of all the athletes who completed the Open and wish our JAW Athletes all the best at their upcoming qualifiers.

Must be off now, I just saw a flash of main and the flick of a tail around the corner heading towards the box. Another beast that has been unleashed. Better go see what she is up to.

Until next time,

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