Chapter 1 - JAW Events

Chapter 1 - JAW Events

Published by Kym Rayfield on 11th Nov 2021

You know the history of JAW, now let's fill in the timeline of how a product that was created at the kitchen table of a local Sunshine Coast home, became a Global Sensation.

Chapter 1 - JAW Events

Turning the clock back to 2011 and the world of CrossFit in Australia, it was very new and exciting and making its way into people's daily routine at a rapid rate.

JAW was still in its infancy and as one of the founding companies producing and supplying training gear to crossfitters, the next best thing was to take the brand on the road. It was here that the pop up shop began.

JAW travelled every inch of Australia, participating as a sponsor to CrossFit competitions. The pop-up shops were a hit amongst local athletes, sometimes resembling the elusive ‘Boxing Day Sales’ at events where the lines to buy gear were insane!

This alone was a pivotal moment for JAW, by participating at hundreds of events, the brand was exposed to a mass number of customers and as a result the reputation and customer base boomed.

In 2013, JAW hosted its first pop-up stall at the CrossFit Regionals in Wollongong, New South Wales. This was the biggest event JAW had ever been too, competitor brands along with some of CrossFit’s top tier athletes in attendance. With no expectations, the goal was for mass brand exposure and whatever sales were made were an added bonus. To say it was a massive hit, is an understatement! Sales skyrocketed and this became the first of a 7-year stint of yearly road trips to Wollongong for the JAW Team.

So the pop-up shop was all the rage and along with this came an increase in popularity and customer demand. The new challenge was to maintain a fresh and innovative ‘LOOK’ as well as product development to meet the hefty customer demand.

Innovation and strategy plans to introduce international distribution grew JAW ten fold as newly appointed retailers on-selling the product to those in their region became a reality. Some of the regions JAW became a household name were the United Kingdom, Europe and the Nordic Region, South Africa, New Zealand, Asia, Canada and the USA.

Customers from all corners of the globe were now able to access the JAW products with ease and without the high shipping costs involved. The expansion to international destinations was huge for JAW and secured global recognition as a quality brand that not only novice athletes were wearing but some of the most seasoned athletes in the world! The new tagline “Are you wearing the grips the pro’s do?” was born.

This leads us to the next chapter of JAW and the continuation of popularity and demand amongst athletes across the globe.

Stay tuned for more in Chapter 2 - JAW Athletes.

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