Fun Fact: JAW has a range of products pre-designed and sitting in the production pipelines!

Fun Fact: JAW has a range of products pre-designed and sitting in the production pipelines!

Published by Abbie Rayfield on 20th Sep 2022

FUN FACT: JAW CEO and Founder, Kym Rayfield, has pre-designed a range of new and unique JAW products that now sit, waiting, to be perfected and released to the CrossFit community!

In late 2021, JAW released their newest hand grip, the JAW Mitt. The product was originally designed in 2017 by JAW CEO and Founder, Kym Rayfield, before it was retired to hew sewing cabinet.

For 5 years, the JAW Mitt concept sat in the pipeline as a concept idea for JAW’s take on the traditional fitness glove. The Mitt, however, isn’t the only product concept that is awaiting release!

With a knack for sewing and crafts, Kym is forever coming up with new ideas. Whether they are simple fixes to common problems or a new concept product that can help all athletes in their performance, Kym's ideas are endless!

To shine the light on just a few of the products awaiting production, Kym has designed concept ideas for products alike the traditional enclosed fitness glove, traditional gymnastics grip and gym towel accessory!

Without going into too much detail, the designs of these products have been carefully put together by Kym, taking into consideration the needs and demands of all athletes within the CrossFit and fitness industry.

As with all of our products, the JAW Team takes on board customer feedback and customer demand. With these demands, needs and feedback in mind, Kym can tweak current product and design new products to not only meet but exceed the needs of all customers.

Before they can be released to the public, Kym strives to ensure they are suitable for the target environment and audience. Sometimes, however, these products will remain in the production line until they can be perfected and released at the right time, which, in some cases, can take time!

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