FUN FACT! The JAW Team had a 7 year stint of pop-up stalls!

FUN FACT! The JAW Team had a 7 year stint of pop-up stalls!

Published by Abbie Rayfield on 25th Oct 2022

FUN FACT! For 7 years after JAW's establishment in 2011, JAW CEO and her husband, Kym and Sean, travelled Australia Wide setting up pop-up stalls!

When JAW first established in 2011, the small business was only known by those who were Kym’s CrossFit friends and associates. That was until Kym made the decision to start pop-up stalls. The idea for these pop-up stalls came from a business tactic that she had learnt about and saw for herself when out and about shopping; customers loved to see, touch and ask all about a product before buying it. This was, of course, before online shopping was as big as it is today.

So, with this in mind, Kym and her husband Sean, trialled the idea of a JAW pop-up stall at a local CrossFit competition. With no idea how it would go and using it as a chance to get the name out there, Kym was shocked at how quickly the JAW stall was swarmed by competing athletes and spectators. For the day, the small stall was inundated with customers who came to check out the new product. To Kym's surprise and delight, JAW sold out before the end of the day!

This started around 7 year’s worth of JAW pop-up stalls. From small local competitions, to interstate comps, fitness expos and the Australian hosted CrossFit regionals, there was nowhere that the JAW stall didn’t go; and their customers LOVED IT!

Kym and Sean became well known amongst the CrossFit community, athletes who had designed products to save the hands of other athletes. It became a regular thing for the JAW tent to become swarmed with athletes and the couple to be run off their feet.

It wasn’t until 2019, just before COVID, that JAW finally finished up their pop-up stall streak.

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