Happy 4th Birthday JAW!

Happy 4th Birthday JAW!

Published by Kym Rayfield on 2nd Aug 2021

It'ss been Four years sailing this ship that is JAW which once was a dingy that sat in the calmer waters waiting for the right tide to set sail....

We have pounded the pavement all over Australia supporting local comps and kit out our fans from head to toe.  We have seen products come and go as the company has evolved and we have supported a diverse group of Ambassadors who have and continue to wear our brand with pride.

Through the trials and tribulations and countless hours at the design table, we have seen our brand grow to be recognised today as the "Worlds #1 Rated Hand Grip".  A well deserved pat on the back I say...  For those of you who have and continue to support our brand - thank you!

So what is behind the makings of a successful brand in today's cutting edge market, in particular, a Global Brand?  Persistence, Patience, Gratefulness, Strength and Adaption.  All of these have been key elements behind the success of JAW to date.  Another is to never have expectations...  Hold strong with your goals and go with whatever is thrown your way whether it be negative or positive as all of the humps in the road are keys to your success if you choose to work with them.

So our journey to date has lead us to this point - Global Grips Manufacturer/Retailer.  Still 100% Australian Owned & Made.

We have a few new products that are in the final stages of testing and are about to be launched..  We are excited to say that you are going to LOVE THEM.....  

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks to see what the next JAW Global Sensation is.......

Until then Stay JAWSome!


** The first JAW Stalls back in 2011-12


store.jpg JAW Headquarters 2013  

** Moving with the times - Regionals, Fitness Expo, JAW Pop-up Shop, JAW Warehouse Australia




** Some of our longest standing Die-Hard JAW Ambassadors (thanks to Matthew Townsend Photography & all other photographers for their awesome shots)

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