JAW Ambassadors - a write up on how the brand became a household name amongst the fittest in the sport of CrossFit!

JAW Ambassadors - a write up on how the brand became a household name amongst the fittest in the sport of CrossFit!

Published by Kym Rayfield on 24th Mar 2022

Chapter 2 - JAW Athletes

In order to continue the expansion of the JAW Brand, clever innovation and strategy saw the introduction of official JAW Ambassadors to represent the brand at local competition throughout Australia.

Over the years, JAW has had the privilege of welcoming an array of amazing athletes to the team. Since JAW’S establishment in 2011, 24 different athletes have represented the brand and the morals that it stands for. Each of these athletes, all at different levels of their CrossFit careers, have dominated their qualifying age groups whilst wearing the JAW brand!

The JAW OG’s included the likes Bryan Cardeno, Josh Bromley, Francine Pehi, Ruth Anderson Horrell, Joseph Rewetti and Amanda Allen. From underdog competitors, these athletes worked their way up the ladder and some, to the top in the CrossFit world. With their naturally athletic backgrounds, these athletes competed at some of the biggest competitions in Australia and for Amanda Allen and Ruth Anderson Horrell, the world. Amanda Allen proudly wears the title of a ‘3x CrossFit World Champion’ in the 41-44 age group division from 2015-2017. These athletes were just the tip of the iceberg for JAW Sponsorships!

In the following years, as times changed a few of the OG athletes decided to step away from the brand and although the goodbyes were sad, it was also exciting for JAW as the team embarked on the hunt for their next group of ambassadors. As the Crossfit community rapidly grew in Australia, a few new names began to pop up regularly and dominate the CrossFit arena in Australia. This new wave of JAW Athletes saw the likes of Hayden Wolfbauer, Zeke Grove, Courtney Fitzharris, Sammy Wood, Samantha Drescher, Denae Browne, Katelin Marks, Gina Yates and Tammy Robinson join the team.

In one way or another, this new era of athletes had taken the Australian CrossFit community by surprise, and there was no question why; they were absolutely dominating and setting the standards extremely high. Individually, they each ranked in the top 50 athletes in Australia to secure themselves a spot at the CrossFit Oceania regionals in Wollongong, Australia. From this talented group, Denae Browne and Zeke Grove were successful in securing themselves a spot at the CrossFit Games in the USA! What an epic achievement.

From here the world was acutely aware of the JAW brand and some big names began wearing the product and in turn became the newest wave of official ambassadors. Tia-Clair Toomey and Sara Sigmunsdottir, both at elite levels of their careers were officially named as JAW Brand Ambassadors in 2016/2017. During this season, Ricky Gerard joined the JAW Team too. This exposure alone, expanded the JAW Brand further than it could ever dream. These athletes were some of the best in the WORLD; their names spoken like royalty and were CrossFit’s very own versions of Usain Bolt.

With innovation always at the forefront when you have worldwide elite level exposure, it is important to give your customers what they want. It was here JAW CEO, Kym Rayfield went back to the drawing board and designed a limited edition Signature Pullup Grip for both Sara Sigmundsdottir and Tia Clair Toomey. This design encompassed the personalised colours from each of the athletes plus their signatures printed on the wrist strap. To say that these were a hit is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Everybody wanted a pair of the newest grips on the market to show off who they were following at the CrossFit games.

This was the peak of the JAW Brand, mastering global dominance within the CrossFit world. From humble abodes at the kitchen table to thousands of hands across the world - what an epic achievement.

With an ever changing market and a higher caliber of athlete becoming the norm, the market became saturated with new brands, new technology and naturally the trends fuel the hottest products of that time. Sponsorships became contracts that were worth thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, as the CrossFit industry became a monster of a sport.

Although times have changed for JAW and the team is a scaled version of its former self, today the brand is still heavily worn by past athletes on the competition floor and during some of the biggest CrossFit events ie. CrossFit Open, CrossFit Regionals and of course the CrossFit Games.

Today, JAW still supports athletes at various levels of their fitness journeys and who are proud to wear the JAW Brand. Nanda Stoltz, Stephanie Brumpton, Kara Kirk and Skye Carey are JAW’s current official Brand Ambassadors. Based in both Australia and the UK, these athletes are fierce and JAWsome supporters.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the JAW Story!

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