JAW Tips: How to Stay Motivated

JAW Tips: How to Stay Motivated

Published by Katie Chisholm on 2nd Aug 2021

The winter months have suddenly crept up on us in Australia. There has been a definite chill settling in the air that has us reaching for the ugg boots and snuggling under the blankets in the morning clinging to those five more minutes of sleep.  And the rain! Arrrggggghhhhhhh go away!!!

While there is much to be said about the calm and quietness of winter for the time to rest and reflect, it is easy to lose motivation to eat healthy and move your body. Let's face it, as the days become shorter and the nights become longer, sometimes it seems easier to settle inside against the cold with some warm comfort food and the latest series on Netflix to binge watch. 

While there is certainly no reason not to do all of the above, there is also no reason you can't get a workout in first. Here are some JAW tips on how to stay motivated this winter:

1. Set your intention

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to remind yourself why you choose to live a healthy life. Reflect on how eating nutritious food makes your body feel, how thrilling it is to smash your favourite workout or how much more energy you have in the morning. Remind yourself that you only have 24 hours in one day to make the most of.

2. Work towards goals

If you haven't already, set yourself some SMART goals. Remember to keep them Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and have a Time frame.  These shouldn't be big goals like lose 20kg or double your PB deadlift.  You don't want to make to goals too big that they appear as pinpricks in the future. This can actually de-motivate, and you may start to feel like the road is too long to your destination. 

Instead, set some small goals that are achievable over a few weeks/months (maybe they're a stepping stone to get you on the way to those big goals). These can be anything from making it to training at least 4 times in a week, or landing your first double under/pull up/muscle up, etc. Realistic and Achievable is the key.

3. Get a Training Buddy

This is a great tip when trying to make sure you stay motivated to get your butt to training. Find a friend that lives near you and car pool to training. At the end of each session, ensure you make plans with your Training Buddy to next turn up to training at a certain time or place. Making yourself accountable to someone else, helps you stay accountable to yourself.  Not only that, you have brought along each other's cheer squads - so help each other along!

4. Be Organised

Pack your gym bag the night before. Have your meals ready to go in the fridge.  Make sure there's cold water in the fridge for your shakes and supps (even though it's cold out there they can taste pretty ordinary with unchilled water!)  Get your clothes out and at the ready so if it's first thing in the morning, you can get your gear on quickly and easily and run out the door (to be on time to meet your Training Buddy) without delay.

5. Reward Yourself

Buy yourself a new gym outfit to make you excited about training the next day. Or after making it to training five mornings in a week, let yourself have an afternoon binge catching up on your favourite series (or a sleep in the next morning!).  

Don't reward yourself with something that's going to undo the good work - like a sugary sweet snack.  Remember this enjoyment is temporary and the negative effects will last.  Instead of grabbing a quick 'naughty', get yourself a new CrossFit / Fitness / Health magazine that you can enjoy for much longer.

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