JAW's Top Five Tips to Avoid the Rip!

Published by Amy Bailey on 8th May 2015

The Rip. I am sure we have all been there. Or if you haven't yet, you will be soon. Anyone working with barbells and pullup bars can attest to the effect the knurling has on your hands.

A few weeks after starting Crossfit, most people begin to notice the toughening of the skin on their palm. If we're lucky (and we all are) we are blessed with lovely little calluses that form on the fleshy pads beneath our fingers. 

If you're like us these may be met with joy, as your hands have now toughened and ceased burning while trying to do heavy deadlifts (and secretly you feel tough as nails now too, because "my calluses are proof I lift bro"). 

And this is all well and good...until you begin pumping out consecutive sets of pullups and those sweet feelings fly out the window. 

You get the Rip and the shred and the sting and the blood (all mid workout by the way) and all you are left with is this lovely flap of dead skin, which is really only there to poke into the tender rawness underneath (because it wasn't fun enough already). So with this you are initiated into the wonderful world of the Rip.

While ripped hands do heal, they can make it uncomfortable as you continue to train. 

So here are JAW's Top 5 Tips to Avoid the Rip:

1. JAW Pull-Up Grips

Get yourself a pair of pull-up grips! These are vital to protect your hands while completing a WOD. 

JAW's grips are designed to move with the reflexes of the wrist and allow you to jump on the pull-up frame and pump out numerous reps without ripping your hands to shreds. 

Even if you form blisters, your palms remain protected and will allow you to continue your set. 

Made from cloth they are designed to withstand sweat, friction from rubbing and won't harden from perspiration. They are also available in a whole bunch of jawsome colours. 

The Pull-Up Grips are our most popular item (and also our first) and a must have to avoid shredding those hands!

2. JAW Callus Shaver

A Callus shaver may sound a bit gross, but it is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to avoid ripping your hands. By incorporating a callus shaver once per week as part of your hand care routine, you can avoid the build up of skin altogether. No build up, no more ripping and tearing - simple as that. These shavers also come in five fun colours. 

3. RXD Repair Balm

This stuff is a natural healing balm and is amazing. Whether you want to heal already ripped hands or want to prevent future tears, this is the balm for you. 

The unique formula is created using a blend of Essential and Carrier oils that promote the rapid repair of damaged skin, by encouraging stronger healthy skin cell regeneration.

The balm also contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory’s that soothe and relieve damaged skin, while also helping to prevent infection.

RXD Repair Balm also contains Vitamin E which stimulates collagen that provides the elasticity and suppleness to our skin.

By incorporating RXD Repair Balm as part of a daily hand care routine you can encourage new skin cell regeneration to be stronger, healthier and supple. Stronger healthy skin helps prevent future tearing. 

Most athletes find a noticeable difference within in 6 weeks. 

Using a balm such as this is a great way to avoid ripping those hands!

4. JAW Finger Sleeves and Gloves


These guys can give you that little extra protection to your hands. 

Over years of training and hundreds of dollars spent on tape and other preventatives, we have tested our Finger Sleeves in all areas that you can imagine with 100% success! You wont believe the effectiveness of these finger sleeves or how comfortable they are. Again, the Finger Sleeves are available in lots of different colours. 

Among the JAW Pullup Grips family the JAW Glove has been born. For those who want that little bit of added protection to the outsides of your palms, JAW Gloves are the way to go. With all of the same benefits as the JAW Pullup Grip, the JAW Glove goes that extra mile. 

These two items are the perfect solution to avoid shredding your hands. 

5. Chalk Up 

Chalk up while you are completing a WOD, especially ones that involve a lot of pull ups. Not only does the chalk work to stop sweat and allow an easier grip, it helps with the friction. All of JAW's Pull-up Grips, Finger Sleeves and Gloves can still be used with chalk and you don't even need to wash them regularly. The dirtier they are the better! So let the chalk clouds fly people.


JAW is currently running a competition that could see you win yourself and a friend a pair of JAW Grips! 

All you have to do is: 

1. Upload a pic to instagram wearing our JAW Grips or why you really need them...
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3. TAG a friend

4. Or Head over to our FB Page and enter your deets....

Checkout our Instagram and Facebook Page for more details.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and can avoid the Rip in the future.

Do you have any other tips to protect your hands? Want to share an picture of an epic rip? Comment below to share your wisdom and commiserations.

Until next time,

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