RXD Repair Magnesium Body Butter

RXD Repair Magnesium Body Butter

Published by Katie Chisholm on 2nd Aug 2021

Let’s paint the picture here. 24 hours after a killer leg WOD. You’re walking like you’ve got a pole shoved somewhere a pole really shouldn’t be. You hit the 48 hour mark. You stand at the bottom of a small set of stairs and just laugh. If (and it’s a big IF) you manage to make it up those 12 measly little stairs, well – who’s going to carry you get back down again? You look for an elevator or escalator but there’s nothing in sight … so you pray the hand-rails are stuck really fast in place to do the carrying!

Cue RXD Repair Magnesium Body Butter.

Being an ex-long distance runner, I am a firm advocate of regular use of magnesium spray. It’s GREAT. I know it works and I trust it.

As it happens, I was at the 48 hour mark at a recent visit to JAW HQ (and yes, everyone there was laughing at me possibly even more than I was laughing at myself). It was seriously funny! I had intended to pick up a new bottle of my trusty magnesium spray, and was recommended to try something new.

All I can say, is: "You need to try this!” What I love about it especially is that it works really, really FAST! In a matter of minutes after use I was ready to pump out more squats, and I literally couldn’t sit at the dinner table beforehand. I had complete movement in my legs and the feeling of painful bruising and cramping vanished. That tight burning feeling in your hammies – gone. Rocks in your quads - gone!

The thing about the RXD Repair Magnesium Body Butter is that it’s a nicely scented creamy product which you can easily massage into sore muscles and it acts as a pamper at the same time. It’s convenient, it has no nasties in it and no risk of staining clothing so you can carry it around in your gym bag (or handbag!) and use it whenever you need it. My skin felt moisturised after use and I smelled like I’d just left the beauty bar.

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