​Spotlight on Sammy Wood!

Published by Katie Chisholm on 2nd Aug 2021

Sammy’s affiliate is CrossFit Athletic, located in Brookvale, Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia

Paul Walton has been Sammy’s coach since she started at CrossFit Athletic in 2012. Paul also owns CrossFit Athletic.

Sammy is currently focusing on 2016 CrossFit Games, representing CrossFit Athletic in the team. Christian D'Astoli is the team coach. After the games, Sammy will be focusing solely on her individual career. She will be focusing on improving on weaknesses, and becoming super strong in all skills and areas, and focusing on the 2017 season as an individual athlete. It's where Sammy’s heart lies.

Training has become slightly different now, as they are always training together as a team, and doing more team workouts, and synchronised movements. This is fun in a different way compared to individual training, as you have your team mates there cheering and pushing you on every training session. The intensity is still high, but not as much as individual, as you get a little bit of rest in team workouts.

Sammy is really looking forward to and very grateful to be a part of the CrossFit Athletic team, competing after missing out on qualifying (as an individual). Places became vacant in the team, as two athletes were unable to go and one had to jump out as she is competing at the CrossFit Games in the Masters division.

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