What makes JAW different from the rest?

What makes JAW different from the rest?

Published by Abbie Rayfield on 6th Oct 2022

What makes JAW different from the rest?

Since JAW first established in 2011, the CrossFit industry and surrounding market has grown immensely. From what was originally a handful of small local businesses and big brands like Reebok, the market that JAW settled into all those years ago is a lot more competitive in today’s day and age.

What so many of our customers ask the JAW Team before purchasing or when enquiring about the JAW range, is what makes US so different to THEM?

To put it simply, JAW is and has always been all about their customers and the quality of their products and services. From the beginning, we have been about quality over quantity, which is why to this day, JAW has remained 100% Australian Made. Every product produced by JAW, has been done so locally on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane by a group of talented sewers who make up our manufacturing team. By keeping our production in Australia, JAW can guarantee 100% quality of their products each and every time. Although doing so is a more expensive and time consuming process at times, remaining Australian Made is what sets our standards so high. Because when customers come to JAW, they know they are buying quality products that have been hand made with care, precision, and love!

Alongside JAW proudly remaining and delivering their 100% Australian Made promise, the JAW Team are a family run business. Over the years, JAW CEO and Founder, Kym Rayfield, has welcomed on board family members and family friends to work together in ensuring JAW operated as well as a well oiled machine. Even today, although the JAW Team is much smaller than they once were, the JAW Team is made up of Kym, her daughter, Abbie and their long time family friend, Paula. Together, this time has bonded and learnt to work together as not only a family, but a team.

When buying JAW, not only are you guaranteed to purchase a quality product, but support an Australian made, designed and family owned business.

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