How do I know which size to buy?

Within each listings is the how to size information for that product.  The Grips, Gloves, Leathers and Threes all vary in sizing so if you are unsure please email us at  If you are boarderline, opt for the next size to be safe.  

Should JAW Grips and Gloves feel really tight, I think they are too small?
They are designed to have a firm fit, like a sock. There should be no slack in the palm section otherwise after the initial use and time, they will stretch and therefore become too large. They are supposed to feel like a part of your hand not a foreign product which is attached to you.  JAW Protects hands and also allows you to feel the movement.  Enjoy them!

Will the cloth stretch?
Yes. They are made from a stretch crepe fabric which will stretch and get more comfy with use.

Can I wash JAW products?
Yes, however only our fabric products such as Grips, Gloves and Threes.  It is recommended you lightly hand rinse in cold water if necessary. Please note that frequent washing will deteriorate the fabric a lot quicker.  As for Leather, we suggest you brush these clean when needed.

How long will my product last?
The suggested life span of JAW products varies from 2-12 months depending on the frequency of use and the care of the product. What also impacts this is your grip stength.  The tighter or stronger your grip the more it will wear and rub on equipment.  Another factor to consider is how rough your equipment is where you workout.  As the fabric is of a delicate nature, rough surfaces will definitely deteriorate the product quicker.  

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
In our home country, Australia it can take 1 - 5 business days depending on your postcode. International orders are variable and tracking information is provided so you can keep up to date with your JAW travels.

What if my item doesn’t fit? Can I return it?
Yes, provided that your item has not been worn, cut or damaged in any way.  Return to JAW with your return or exchange request and once this has received and approved, an exchange / refund will be granted. Our returns address is JAW Global, Attention Returns, PO Box 1443, Coolum Beach, 4573, Queensland, Australia.

Can I use chalk with my grips?
Yes absolutely. We encourage the use of chalk in particular when they are brand new.


Have we missed anything?  If so, please ask us at and stay JAWsome!

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