JAW Partner 2019 - Kristin Holte

Kristin Holte


Who is Kristin?

Kristin Holte is a household name in the CrossFit world being a 5x Games Athlete and placing 7th in the world for 2018.

She also holds the crown of the Fittest Woman in Norway, where she calls home.

Kristin has been a fan of JAW Grips for a number of years and considers them a staple accessory in her training regime.

Look out for Kristin during this years Open Season where she will compete to secure herself a ticket to the Games later in the year.

Welcome to JAW Kristin !

Why JAW?

"JAW Grips are my go-to-grips for Ring Muscle-ups. My hands haven't ripped in several years!"



"They give my hands the proper support, but at still thin enough so I can have a really good grip on the rings"

Kristin Holte

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