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Louise Hawkins


Lou Hawkins - an adaptive athlete and Mum of 2.

Lou started CrossFit 2 years ago and very quickly fell in love with the sport.  

Her can-do attitude is infectious, and there is nothing she won't give a go! Where there's a will, there's a way.

Not only is she a determined individual, she is a passionate and caring human being. Lou's determination to succeed is inspiring and her abilities are incredible.  

We are excited to see what the future holds for Lou ;)


"I’ve still a lot yet to learn in terms of skills but I’m chipping away and am incredibly determined to master as much as possible. Although I’ve never thought of myself as competitive there’s no better feeling than being on the competition floor, a buzz like no other!"

Christopher Hilder


Chris has always been involved with sports at a competitive level from a young age with tennis, swimming, rugby, cricket and soccer to name a few.

He came into contact with CrossFit back in 2016 and today actively trains with Benton CrossFit in NSW Australia. He is certainly no stranger to competition with a number of local and internationally recognised competition placings to his name. Most recently he competed as an individual and in a team at the 2019 WODapalooza Sanctioned event in Miami Florida, securing a 4th Place individual and 16th in teams.

"Crossfit has been a life changing experience for me making myself believe anything is possible if you put in the hard yards."  

Pip Malone


Introducing Pip Malone!
Pip has been involved with professional sports her entire life. She is 29 years young and has an impressive career at international level in gymnastics/trampolining/power tumbling and canoe slalom/white water kayaking.
She entered the world of CrossFit in 2011 and quickly became a world class athlete competing at the CrossFit Games in 2013 & 2014.  For the past 5 years Pip has actively represented Australia in professional weightlifting. She debuted at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 securing herself a very impressive 5th place.
This season Pip is making a comeback to competitive CrossFit with an intention of securing herself a ticket to Madison. Her home box is CrossFit Newcastle.
'I have worn JAW Grips for years now and that wont be changing anytime soon. When Im not wearing JAW, I have bare hands because that's just what I prefer'

Kristin Holte

2nd Fittest Woman on Earth 2019


Kristin Holte needs no introduction, she is certainly a household name within the sport of CrossFit worldwide.

Having competed at the CrossFit Games on 6 occasions, and maintaining a status of the Fittest Woman in Norway, Kristin is surely a truly talented individual. Adding to her successful career, she has just taken out the 2nd Place Podium Position at the 2019 CrossFit Games in WS, USA.

Not only is she a fierce Athlete, she is a qualified Nutritionist and Coach.  

Congratulations on such a wonderful career Kristin!


Featured Product: JAW Pullup Grips

Nanda Stoltz


Who is Nanda?
CrossFit Coach and Athlete - City 4051 CrossFit, Brisbane, Australia.
Nanda began her crossfit career almost 6 years ago transitioning from Professional Water Polo. After only 3 months she was hooked and has made it her full-time career as coach and athlete.
With a love for competition and a goal to qualify for Regionals, Nanda has narrowly missed the cut over the past couple of seasons. Now, hungrier than ever, her goal this year is to compete at the new Crossfit Sanctioned events.
In her words, " I love the competitive nature of crossfit and the fact that there is always something you can improve on, and most importantly the people and the community!"
'I've been using JAW grips my whole Crossfit career, I love that they protect my hands but also allow me to feel/grip the bar easily!'

Ryan Lucas-Lowther


Meet Ryan Lucas-Lowther, aged 27, London - Reebok Crossfit Thames Athlete.
Ryan started Crossfit 1 year ago, and in that short time he has dedicated countless hours a day learning and perfecting every single movement to RX standard with a goal to compete!
Now in 2019, armed with a personal coach and nutritionist, Ryan aims to showcase his talents on the competition floor and put his training to the ultimate test.
'I have used JAW grips from day one, they have saved my hands & grip after hours of training & allowed me to continue to perform at my best!'

Stephanie Brumpton


Aged 26, Steph was formally a Professional Dancer.
Due to injury, she switched sports and has now been an active CrossFitter for the best part of 3 years. Her local box is CrossFit Witham in Lincoln, UK.
Steph's goal is to continue to better herself and grow as an athlete. With a naturally competitive nature, she believes that if you work hard enough and have passion and drive you can achieve everything you dream of!  
"I have used Jaw Grips since the very start of my Crossfit journey. Jaw Grips save my hands on a daily basis and are by far one of my favourite brands to wear"

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