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JAW Glove Separates

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So...  You've been wearing your JAW GRAPS (Wrist Wrap and Glove Combo) to death - literally....  The Glove section has completely worn out....

Never fear, dont throw your wraps away, just replace the Glove section with JAW Glove Separates!!!

Good as New!!!


NOTE:  These attachments are meant to be worn with the GRAP Product and not a replacement for the Gloves.  





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    Not what I thought

    Published by Sean on 17th Jul 2021

    Based on the name I thought these were replacement grip sections for the Jaw Gloves. This does not seem to be the case, it seems that they connect to a wrap thing(?) not the gloves. I think I could add Velcro to my old glove attachments and make them work. 5 star on quality, but 4 star rating because the advert is misleading.

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