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Why it is really important to get your sizing right...

Every product in the JAW Catalogue has been designed and handcrafted by our creative team here in Australia. Each item's design is purpose driven based on needs identified through workouts over the years.

With this in mind, it is really important that when purchasing a JAW Product, you follow the sizing recommendations which will ensure not only a perfect fit, but the aethestics of the product are utilised to their full potential.

The entire JAW Range is based on performance whilst maintaining a natural feel during training. Each product is proudly hand made in Australia using locally sourced materials for superior quality and durability. You can be proud knowing you are supporting an Australian business that has been supporting the local fitness community for over 10 years.

The following tips and sizing information will help you to make the right decision on size when purchasing your next JAW Product.

JAW's fabric grips range are unique, versatile and extremely durable for all types of workouts both in and out of the gym.

Due to the delicate nature of the crepe fabric, we recommend a cold hand wash if necessary but, the dirtier your grips are, the better they perform - just saying ;)

It is important that your grip is fitted nice an snug to avoid bunching and gathering at the base of your fingers, as this will inhibit grip and in turn cause ripping and blisters due to the excess fabric. They may feel tight during the first use, but they will stretch to your palm.

We have purposely left the finger holes uncut to allow for a customisable fit for each indivuals needs. It is however important when sizing the finger holes to not cut the entire section, it will stretch in time and then reveal the callus section of your palm which will cause blisters.

They have been designed to fit like a glove and act as a second skin to maintain a natural feel during your workout.

JAW's Leather products fit entirely different to the fabric range. They need to be worn larger and looser to avoid placing stress on the soft suede leather.

Original Designs

All JAW Designs are original and proudly created by founder Kym Rayfield

High Quality Materials

All JAW Products are handcrafted using locally sourced quality materials for superior performance and comfort.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise that we will provide detailed information to assist you with your purchase and during the aftercare stage. Our commitment to our customers is to educate the purpose of our products and how to use and maintain for longevity and performance enhancement. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Sizing Guides


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